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Big Fundraiser for Alzheimer's

An Evening with Sid Noel

Alias, Morgus the Magnificent

Recollections of a Mad Scientist

"Breaking News," from the Old City Ice House. Sid Noel, the counterpart behind Morgus the Magnificent, will appear in person (as himself) for the first time in 60 years. It is a one-night - only Halloween event, at the Orpheum Theater, Sunday, October 13th. The night of the full moon. And it's a very worthy fundraiser, with all net proceeds going toward supporting Alzheimer's Association Louisiana. It's an historic and entertaining Evening with Sid Noel, and Recollections of a Mad Scientist. You'll learn the untold secrets, mishaps, and behind the scene methodology that sustained the popularity of Morgus the Magnificent throughout these many years. A sellout is expected, so order now by Ticketmaster: $43.50 General Admission.


What is the real story about this invisible organization called The Higher Order?

There are many questions Morgus has yet to answer. Example: Is there another Earth in the universe? What happened before The Big Bang? Is the speed of Dark faster than the speed of Light? These answers and other clandestine facts are known by Sid Noel, and he says he will release every secret in the Secret Room, hidden for the past 60 years. Morgus says that it is not true the Nobel Prize committee rejected him. In fact, he said, they told him he would receive an award if (and when) they could find a category that fits him. Meanwhile, he says he awaits his Lifetime Achievement Award, because achievement has been the core of his scientific life. Who could disagree with that? Be there; it's also a great cause, concerning all of us.


The entire program will be video recorded and donated to the Historic New Orleans Collection. Show time: 7P.M. By the way, the Saints are out of town that day playing Jacksonville at 1P.M.

Ironically, Sid Noel has never appeared in person on television, nor has he entertained as himself publicly in the past 60 years. The reason is intriguing.

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