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Courtesy of Cox Communications

Ben Bullins Photo
Photo courtesy of Ben Bullins

Morgus Returns to His Roots on Cox 10!

Dr. Morgus as you remember him. At the request of legions of Friends of Science who fondly recall the Doctor's experiments being accompanied by a horror or science fiction movie, Cox Communications is proud to announce the return of the program in that popular format, exclusively on Cox 10! Even the name is retro -- the series has been retitled "Morgus Presents: The House of Shock" in a nod to the early years of the program.

Tune in every Saturday night for a classic Morgusian experiment, as Dr. Morgus, Chopsley and E.R.I.C. play host to a Hollywood film of yesteryear. You asked for it, and you got it!

The fun begins Saturday nights at 10, with a remedial encore presentation at 3PM on Sunday. Additionally, each experiment will be available for viewing On-Demand during the week.

Bring Morgus Presents! to Your Town!

Morgus Presents! will soon be available for airing by a station near you! In order to accomplish this, you will have to contact your local station and ask them to carry Morgus Presents!

In the near future, we will provide contact information for stations interested in presenting the Doctor's experiments, and we'll also try to help 'get the word out' to Students of Science who would like to persuade their local stations to pick up the program.

It's time to let the rest of the nation in on New Orleans' best-kept "Secret Scientist!"