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WARNING: Before delving into the esoteric world of Dr. Morgus, you are advised to read and download for permanent reference, his philosophy and mission statement.


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Contact me with your Morgus recollections or corrections. I welcome your comments and actively seek your input in creating a site which befits our esteemed colleague and leader. For the latest-breaking scientific news, bookmark this page and check back occasionally. We'll continue to bring you the most up-to-date information on the exploits of Dr. Morgus.
Disclaimer & legal mumbo-jumbo: Morgus, Morgus the Magnificent, Chopsley, and all other character names, descriptions, sounds, images and logos are copyrighted and/or trademarked by Telmed Mgmt., Incorporated, and are used here by permission. This page is a noncommercial fan tribute authored by Chuck Brillowsky, who, except where noted, is solely responsible for its textual content. Any quotes or text attributed to Morgus will be clearly identified and remain the intellectual property of the good Doctor. Whew - glad that's over!
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Special thanks to Morgus the Magnificent for his creativity and inspiration, and for entertaining generations of fans since 1959.
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