You gotta have one - includes Morgus' authentic autograph! Recorded via fiber optic link to his secret laboratory above the Old City Icehouse, these chilling tales - inspired by the Dr.'s fond memories of his patients, current and deceased - are just the right prescription for friends of science seeking a fresh infusion of Morgusian inspiration!

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This 60+ minute recording also includes "Spook House Sounds from the Grave" ideal for continuous play from the depths of your own inner sanctum to frighten away those pesky door-to-door salesmen.

Inside the disc's packaging, you'll find a folded insert featuring several pictures of Dr. Morgus and his assistants, Chopsley & E.R.I.C. in the laboratory, along with a brief history of his televised experiments. Perfect for Morgus fans everywhere!

Now - here's the exciting part: Each order is shipped directly from the Old City Icehouse to you, and includes a personalized note written and signed by the venerable Dr. Morgus, himself!!! That's right - despite near-total immersion in his experiments, the Doctor will interrupt his work long enough to personally thank each and every one of you who helps to support M.A.M.I. by purchasing his Hearse-ry Rhymes CD.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to obtain a genuine Morgus the Magnificent autograph!

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