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Who was that masked man?
Chopsley Morgus' chief assistant is, of course, Chopsley. Slow afoot and slower of wit, this taciturn, lumbering gentle giant is a loyal and unquestioning aide to the Doctor in his experiments. Dependability is a Chopsley hallmark - he'll screw it up, you can depend on it! Nevertherless, he remains a vital fixture in the lab, as he is always most willing to participate in a Morgusian undertaking to further the cause of science. Listen to     this clip, which exemplifies the spirit of Chopsley's altruistic volunteerism.

Frequent viewers of Dr. Morgus' experiments are already aware that Chopsley doesn't speak, and many also know why. If you don't, stay tuned - it will be explained here in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy this     sample, which features the hooded-one displaying his "Chops", accompanied by none other than the good Doctor, himself!

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