Meet E.R.I.C. - the Doctor's number 2 assistant.
ERIC jpeg

You may not be aware that E.R.I.C. is an acronym. No, that's not a gymnastically-inclined elf -- an acronym is a word formed by combining the first letters of several other words. In this case, the relevant words are Eon Research Infinity Computer - E.R.I.C. Easy, eh?

E.R.I.C. is an advanced fiber-optic computer built many years ago by Dr. Morgus. The original Eric was, in fact, a human assistant who tragically lost his life in a rare Morgus experiment-gone-awry. Follow RealAudio gifthis link to hear the Doctor as he tells his agent, Wiley Faye, about the origins of E.R.I.C..

Despite E.R.I.C.'s advanced age in cyberyears, Dr. Morgus has periodically upgraded and ovehauled his bio-ware and neural networks with the most advanced cross-current phlogiston channel technology available. As the Doctor explained, this innovation keeps E.R.I.C. on the cutting edge of supercomputer development. Fortunately, Dr. Morgus has successfully impeded the efforts of the bonebrains running this country seeking to sell to China the secrets of E.R.I.C.'s groundbreaking processing power.

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