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Morgus in the Motor City??!!

Although the precise location of the Doctor's laboratory is a closely guarded secret, it has long been rumored to be near New Orleans' French Quarter, atop the old City Ice House. There was, however, a brief period in the mid 1960s when his televised experiments appeared to emanate from a laboratory above Detroit's old City Ice House! (must be a chain...)

We are fortunate to have heard from two of Morgus' former southeast Michigan-area students who have unearthed some rare artifacts of the era that saw Detroit at the epicenter of scientific discovery.

First to check in was Gary Peacock, a close friend and the only person I know who has the distinction of seeing Morgus Presents! as a resident of both the Detroit and New Orleans areas at various times. Gary's contributed a couple of short articles and several small promotional ads that he clipped from the newpaper.

Also sending in some of the show promo clips was Jymn Magon, who had this to say:

"I was so jazzed to find your website, that I just had to write and say thanks. I can't believe Morgus is still experimenting! I, too, sat in front of a b/w tube back in Detroit watching the misadventures of good ol' Morgus. I actually have a friend who went on Morgus' show back then for a make-up contest... and I think he won!
Please say hi to Morgus and Sid when you hear from them.

Jymn Magon

(I left Detroit in the late 60's and am now a screenwriter for TV & feature cartoons.)"

At my request, Jymn modestly recounted an extremely impressive list of movie and television credits in a follow-up email message. He also provided this additional information about the friend who won the makeup contest: "...that kid has gone on to become a professional make-up guy (complete with gory films). So Morgus HAS had an effect!"

Yes, he has! Thanks to Jymn and Gary for helping document the Detroit chapter of the Morgus Presents! saga. Follow these links for a glimpse of Morgus in the Motor City.

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My recollection of Detroit's Morgus
Newspaper show promo shots sent in by Gary and Jymn
A newspaper clipping about the infamous "bank robbery" episode (70K jpeg)
Morgus leaves! - a sad day for a generation of Detroiters (88K jpeg)

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