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GREETINGS FRIENDS OF SCIENCE from the Momus Alexander Morgus Institute (M.A.M.I.), and its academic society, The Morgusian Order to Revere a Glorious Understanding of Science. (M.O.R.G.U.S.)

It is important to have some understanding of the origins of the Institute and the philosophy of its founder.

Since graduating with honours from Vasco da Gama Medical School, one of the illustrious institutions in the Caribbean, it has been my intention to one day topple the walls of ignorance that surround traditional academic establishments of "higher learning". Unfortunately, students, led by instructors with limited competence, are incapable of making "unauthorized" forays of discovery into the secrets of life, the earth, and universe.

M.A.M.I. was founded as a place where these barriers to boundless research are meant to be broken. Naturally, there has been considerable criticism of the way research is done here. Accusations have been made that my research involves unspeakable misuses of the microscope, dabbling in alchemy, and experiments of idiotic proportions to the enrichment of the faculty and staff. These opinions are those of "academically inept" individuals living in fear of loss of tenure.

Most research centers around the world are paranoid about secrecy in every aspect of their work. However, in this area, The Momus Alexander Morgus Institute differs from such organizations. All discoveries are freely disclosed to the public via my experiments broadcast weekly on television stations across the country and my highly acclaimed scientific lectures before learned organizations.

I have been derided, somewhat harshly at times, for using my lecture series as a soap box from which to take pot shots at the polluters of society and the shortcomings of academia. So be it.

You see, I, Morgus, have a mission. One given to me by a "Higher Order" of humanitarians devoted to the preservation and elevation of our planet through scientific means. Increasingly, the scientist, not the politician, has become the new force in the progress of civilization. He is the dispenser of miraculous inventions and the ideas that challenge the way in which humanity views itself and the world today.

To be that kind of force, that inventor, that enlightening voice to the masses; this is my assignment. And you, my friend of science, can make a difference. You can help humanity by bringing my presentation before your audience, and sharing the triumph of making this a better world. Please call us at M.A.M.I. today!

Scientifically yours,
Morgus signature
Momus Alexander Morgus, Esq.
Founder, M.A.M.I.

Seal of the Higher Order

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