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Morgus in the lab - Detroit 1964
Click here to see the other side of the card (30K jpeg)

Just a few short days after registering the url of Morgus Presents! Online with several search engines, I received this interesting email message from Ben Locke. He was kind enough to submit the picture shown above. It's a postcard that was sent to him by WJBK-TV in Detroit after then-young-Ben had written to the Doctor back in 1964. Dr. Morgus will be pleased to hear that his influence inspired Ben to immerse himself in the academe, and today he is a Professor of Music at Kenyon College in Ohio. Here is an excerpt from the note Ben sent to me:


Don't ask me why, but my sister after 35 years looked up "Morgus" on a search engine, found your website, then remembered that I had written to Morgus back in 1964--and she wrote me to ask if I still had the "Morgus" postcard that he sent back to me. I did, in fact, find the postcard, one in which "Morgus" typed a personalized note to me.

The picture on the front has Morgus pouring some fluids from test tubes into beakers, with "Scientifically yours" written in the upper left-hand corner.

Ben Locke

I exchanged pleasantries with Ben via email to work out the details for him to send me the card, and at some point he mentioned our exchanges to the sister who had set this all in motion. A day or so later I received this from Ben's sister, Becky Locke-Gagnon.

Hello, Chuck - I'm the curious one who found you and put you in touch with my weird brother Ben who never throws anything away. He remembers a LOT more than I do about Morgus, however. We are surprised he actually amounted to something after spending most of his childhood in front of the TV, but even that is up for discussion....

Perrysburg, OH (near Toledo)

Many thanks to both Ben and Becky for being the first ones to contribute to the page! If you have something to post, contact me, and I'll put your name in lights, too!

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