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A Few Words from the Webmaster

Your humble scribe... In order to effectively comprehend and subsequently utilize the wealth of scientific knowledge that you'll find here at Morgus Presents! Online, it is essential that you understand not only the concepts and Morgusian philosophies contained herein, but also the manner in which they are presented. Herewith, I offer the following explanatory sections about your author/host and the creation of this website in 1997.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s...

I spent a goodly portion of my formative years planted in front of a black & white console television set which was invariably tuned to the educational fare of the day. It is the exposure to those programs, the guidance of my loving parents and, later, the incisive social commentary of Frank Zappa, that have been instrumental in the development of my intellectual being. (such as it is...)

For the generations of viewers who have come along since, it must be emphasized that television was vastly different in those days. The thrust was on education and instilling morals and solid values into the minds of viewers, not to serve as a surrogate baby-sitter. It was a time which pre-dated Newton S. Minnow's famous declaration, (interested students and friends of science will look it up) a golden era of educational TV -- no Gilligan's Island, no Brady Bunch, Saved By The Bell, or Beavis & Jerry Springer.

Aside from televised professional wrestling, the authenticity of which I am beginning to question, many television programs of the era were reality-based; each I Love Lucy episode a miniature passion play in it's own right. My personal favorites were all science programs. I hungrily devoured every word as Jules Bergman interviewed Dr. Werner Von Braun in the early days ot the space program. Most of all, I was awe-stricken and profoundly influenced by the twin titans of the televised technological tutorial -- Mr. Wizard and Morgus the Magnificent.

Don Herbert's Mr. Wizard represented the "legitimate" side of the scientific community. Oh, there was plenty of practical information - I can't begin to describe the number of creative uses for vinegar and baking soda I learned from that show - but each experiment was carefully orchestrated and rehearsed, so that when Mr. Wizard's precocious assistant "Timmy" pulled the string or flipped the lever, a safe and predictable result would be achieved. Entertaining and informational? Sure. But hardly compelling. (Plus, envious "real kids", such as myself, wanted to beat the stuffing out of Timmy - the lucky little so-and-so...) Devotees of Mr. Wizard have undoubtedly gone on to become successful scientists and clinicians, laboring in anonymity for cold, faceless corporations whose interests in solving the real problems of the world are driven by the bottom line.

Morgus, on the other hand, represented the dangerous, exciting side of scientific exploration. Not one to rely solely on the safe and proven principles established by his predecessors, Morgus ventured to and beyond the boundaries of conventional science by providing the answers to unasked questions, finding solutions for problems not yet identified. Though his revolutionary research often resulted in ridicule and rejection from his myopic "peers," Morgus has managed to retain his dignity, his inquisitiveness, and his integrity. It is this spirit which has attracted legions of devoted followers and students from all around the world.

I am but one...

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The Doctor Checks In: The Meta-Morgu-sis of this Site

The original concept for this modest outpost was to present a typical "fan tribute" page, an homage to this remarkable man of science. A tremendous impediment to the development of the site was the fact that I had little to offer beyond my fading memories of the Morgus experiments I had witnessed on Detroit television in 1964-'65.

After posting some of the items to the site, a remarkable thing happened - I received an email message (which can be viewed from the main page) from Dr. Morgus, himself! It seems that the site has attracted his attention; no surprise, as he recently recounted his invention of the internet in a WWL radio program interview. (As has been the case with most of his most important discoveries, he has been denied due recognition for this achievement.)

Since that initial email contact, I have had occasion to consult with Dr. Morgus via telephone and conventional mail. He is gratified and excited to have this forum to reach and recruit new friends of science on a world-wide basis. Because of his total immersion in his research, he has not had the opportunity to disburse the results of his experimentation to the internet - until now.

The Dr. and I jointly and proudly announce that Momus Alexander Morgus - Morgus the Magnificent - remains a vital, active and important figure in the world of science. And he is here, working to resolve your conundra, reporting the results through me, your humble scribe. It's still my ship, but Morgus has taken the helm and it's anybody's guess where we'll all wind up! Hang on - it ought to be a wild ride!

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