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WARNING: Before delving into the esoteric world of Dr. Morgus, you are advised to read and download for permanent reference, his philosophy and mission statement.


Morgus Presents! opening with E.R.I.C. (high bandwidth for cable modem/DSL)
Morgus Presents! opening with E.R.I.C. (dial up/56k)
Clip from Talent Machine episode (high bandwidth for cable modem/DSL)
Clip from Talent Machine episode (dial up/56k)
Morgus Presents!
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Congratulations! You've astutely navigated to the internet home of America's beloved and renowned "secret scientist", Momus Alexander Morgus.

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Special thanks to Morgus the Magnificent for his creativity and inspiration, and for entertaining generations of fans since 1959. Thanks also to assistant webmaster Ronnie Sevin, Jr for his enthusiastic contributions to the site.

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