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Trick or Treat front
Click here to see the reverse
side of the bag
Bruce, a devoted New Orleans fan, writes:

"It certainly is nice to see the memories of Morgus live on. In fact, Morgus is a New Orleans institution. Born and raised here in New Orleans, it certainly is nice to see the multitude of Morgus fans throughout our great land. I remember as a child watching the great one on TV. I am almost 40, and was quite young when he first hit the scene. I have the pleasure of watching him here in New Orleans every Saturday Night.

Here is the front side of the Morgus Trick 'r Treat bag. A person at a local fleamarket is supposed to sell me a Morgus 45 record from the 60's. The sleeve pictures Morgus & Chopsley. I will let you know when I get it. Also, I am looking for a Morgus Handpuppet. Please let me know if someone has one for sale."

Best Wishes,

Thanks to Bruce for his contribution to the cause. If you can help him in his quest for the handpuppet, please contact him via email at the address following his name.

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