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Page 1
--- Ben Locke checks in with this Morgus postcard
Page 2
---Several entries from New Orleans Morgus-pondent Ronnie Sevin, Jr.
Page 3
--- A Morgus Trick or Treat bag from "Bruce"
Page 4
--- Morgus & Chopsley "live at The Rivergate" from Aldon Brink
Page 5
--- Currency Events! Morgus doubloons from Kelly Hurd and others
Page 6
--- Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.... it's Morgus-o-bucks!
Page 7
--- Franklin's mint-condition WGNO-TV 80s promotional photo
Page 8
--- Morgus in Detroit: Gary Peacock and James Magon check in
Page 9
--- "Wacky World of Dr. Morgus" poster from Tom "Servo" Seiler
Page 10
--- I'm your puppet - pint-sized Morgus fits like a glove! Real handy...

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