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Throw me somethin', Mister!

Kelly Hurd of New Orleans was kind enough to send along these scans of a Morgus Mardi Gras doubloon from 1968. Here's a bit of what Kelly had to say:

"I have a 1968 krewe of Alla silver doubloon with Morgus on the front. A krewe is a group that is in a parade, so to speak. Attached is the front and back of the Morgus coin. I hope it will work. I was born in 1968 and have a very small coin collection. I saw this in an antique store and purchased it for $10 at the time. I've only seen reruns of Morgus, but I think his show was great."

Thanks, Kelly! Over the years, others have also sent in pictures of the doubloons, and we thank them all for their kindness and support!